If you want to apply to any of our INDIRECT admission majors in the UNAM Juriquilla campus, we advise you to review the curriculum framework and specific requirementsof each major.

Entry to UNAM by sitting the Admission Exam

1. Register in the UNAM´s Call on the page
2. Follow the call´s indications and instructions.
3. Take the admission exam to an origin Bachelor´s program.
4. You must be admitted in any of both calls into any of the origin Bachelor´s programs. Remember that you need to select the origin bachelor´s program according to the areas of study stablished in the curriculum framework for each bachelor´s program of indirect access that you have chosen. (see table 1)

Internal selection process of the ENES Juriquilla

IMPORTANT Depending on the date of the Call to the admission exam that you had applied to you may not know your exam results. YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW the Internal selection process of the ENES Juriquilla (process 2).

5. Register to the Internal selection process in the page Calls are published once a year in March.
Note: This internal process is divided into 3 stages (registration, examination and interviews). Every bachelor´s program at ENES J has its own process and specific dates, for this reason is advisable to constantly review the page
6. Follow the instructions, dates and requirements stablished in the calls. You can review the stages that are in the Internal Selection Process in the section Majors consulting the page
7. Take the exam(s) and interview
8. Check the results
9. You must pass the Internal Selection Process to be admitted to the bachelor’s program of indirect access.

Remember that You must pass both processes (Process 1 and 2) to be admitted to the indirect major that you have chosen at ENES-J. In case of not being admitted during the internal process, but you were admitted to UNAM, you can study the origin bachelor´s program chosen during process 1.